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Controls and UI glitching, leading to lack of response to prompts and probably death.

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Everything is on the video. I died once because of that. You are unable to do anything. Equip, move, or pause the game.

I thought it was because of mods, because they were just UI changes. Maybe because of other programs running in the background, so I disabled all of both. It didn't help. I am on a laptop so a keyboard problem is unlikely, especially because everything works fine outside Don't Starve Together. Integrated backpack seems to break it even more for some reason.

Steps to Reproduce

Unfortunately, I don't know what to do. It appeared randomly when I was collecting grass and wanted to use moggles to not die in the dark. I don't seem to have an .mdmp file either, so I can't send it here.

User Feedback

I probably fixed it by restarting my computer. Don't know if it will come back, or if it's something else's fault, as it happened when I was playing and nothing else was enabled.

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