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Controller stick analog values aren't recognized for rebound controls

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Analog control values for controller joysticks only return a value for the two sets of controller controls that handle player movement and inventory navigation. CONTROL_MOVE_UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT and CONTROL_INVENTORY_UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT

If any other controller controls were rebound to one of the sticks, the input won't track the analog value for that control, despite being assigned to a stick.

It might be the case that this isn't a bug, but it seems like it could cause issues with analog controls... Also, it would be reaaaallly nice if this was fixed, because then I can finally get multiple controllers compatible with local play for Smashup!

Steps to Reproduce

1. Add a custom control handler for any controller control that isn't one of the controls listed above (inventory / movement) and use it to print the control handler arguments "down" and "analog."

Example: TheInput:AddControlHandler(CONTROL_FOCUS_UP, function(down, analog) print(down, analog) end)

2. In the settings menu, rebind that control to one of the controller joysticks

3. Press the control and check the printed output results. It will correctly return "down", but "analog" will not be returned unless it is for one of the specific controls listed above (inventory / movement)


Alternate method:

1. Rebind one of the non-joystick controller controls to a joystick input.

2. Print the output to the console while holding the stick up and check the results. 


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