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Consistent Server Disconnects

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Hello, I've been trying to play on another persons World for a couple days, they are utilizing Nodecraft Server. I am have been getting Disconnected from their server every minute or two consistently since I started trying to join the World yesterday. I have tried Disabling my Firewall entirely, Validating my game files on Steam and fully updating DST plus all Mods I'm subscribed to. This is not happening when I play on my own personal World. Sorry if I'm missing out any important information, please let me know if there's anything I can add. Hopefully this is the right Log File, if not please let me know. Thanks

Steps to Reproduce

Log into Hosted Server, stand still, get disconnected in 2 minutes or less. 
Log into Hosted Server, run in circles, get disconnected in 2 minutes or less

User Feedback

This morning I reinstalled DST and attempted to play on a Klei Official Server. I was disconnected from the server within a couple minutes of my character spawning. I figured that would be worth mentioning here. Thanks. 

It also might be worth mentioning that while I'm being consistently disconnected from the Klei Official Servers, all the other online applications running on my computer are not being disconnected. For example, I get disconnected from Klei Official Server every 1-2 Mins, but Twitch Streaming does not lag or disconnect at any point, I dont get disconnected from Steam, or Discord. 

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