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Connection Failled Something Went Awry (Trouble Resuming World)

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So me and a friend decided to take a break from DST and disconnected from our world while we were still underground in the caves. We've done this before, and were able to resume the world without any problems, but this time, the world suddenly refused to resume after attempting to start it up, and we'd get the message, Connection Failed, Something Went Awry While Connecting, Please Try Again

Any thoughts on why this happens and if there are any ways to fix It would be greatly appreciated.

Disabling all mods won't work at all, the same message occurs; and nothing different was done/happened to the server or mods the day the world wouldn't resume

Verifying game cache does not work

Having someone else host the world doesn't work either


Master World Logs


Cave World Logs


Steps to Reproduce
Disconnected from world while in caves, oddly we've had no problem any other day while disconnecting while in caves.

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