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Cloning of worlds and "Mega Rollback"

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Hello! First of all, sorry for any typos, english is not my natal language.

Cloning Worlds bug:

This bug is strange, since duplicates certain world, specific cloud save worlds with "Forest Only" active, i dont have any screenshot of it right now, but when i get one i can send it to one dev via dm.

"Mega Rollback" bug:

For context: I was fighting Dragonfly, but i died at 2 days of summer started, but when i tried to rollback, the game crashed and when joining my world, i appeard in my base, in middle of spring.

The thing is, the last time i closed the client was at exactly that day in my world, i dont know how, but i happend


Any other info you may need, i will get it if i can, thanks in advance!

Steps to Reproduce

For this two Bugs theres no steps required to reproduce, is something that can and cannot happend, is kinda random

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