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Clock Segments When Alter Is Summoned Turns Into Glassed Alter After Server Shutdown.

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I'm at my Oasis base, Alter was awakened, but the moon in the clock has been glassed and the light blue segments are missing after I relaunched my server.


Steps to Reproduce

Summon Alter.

Defeat Celestial Champion once (Idk if this is actually necessary).

Summon Alter again.

Clock Segments turn from dark blue to light blue, as usual.

Go to the next dusk.

Shutdown the server (I was self-hosting via the host game menu).

Relaunch the server.

Clock segments turn back to dark blue and Alter in the moon clock is glassed instead of awakened, despite Alter being awake.

I've managed to recreate this in a test world. It doesn't always happen but if you keep re-launching the world enough times, you'll get it to happen.

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