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claus new bug

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When Claus is on the verge of dying in the first stage, that is, when he needs only one more attack to knock him down and bring him into the second form,We used a frozen wand to freeze him first,Then we use weapons to knock him down,When he enters the second form and stands up, he will stand in place and will not attack the player.


https://b23.tv/BV1jZ4y1j7JL this is video link to prove this bug.


I want to show you the video. But the community does not support uploading files larger than 2mb .So I can only tell you the specific method, you can also test it yourself.


I hope that developers in the community can see this bug and fix it as soon as possible. Thank you

Steps to Reproduce

https://b23.tv/BV1jZ4y1j7JL  this is video link to prove bug

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