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Celestial Crown/Sea Fishing Rod Blocks and Harms Inventory Navigation/Game Play When Using Controller

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I posted about this a year ago. Every time a Game Update is released, I've opened the game to see if the Game Play is still dominated by this behavior, once I see it is I turn the game off immediately. 

Hi, I'm playing on PC with a controller. When I press 'RT' to select an item in my inventory and move it up into a container, if I try to move up through the 5 Top-Right Side slots of my Inventory Bar, instead of moving the item into the container, it will move the item into my Celestial Crown Inventory area instead. This only happens on the 5 Inventory slots all the way on the right, every other slot will move the item as expected to the container. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but it can be frustrating when trying to manage inventory and I figured it would be nice if the items went up into the Container Inventory area and not the Celestial Crown Inventory area. The items that get moved into the Celestial Crown Inventory can't even be placed in Celestial Crown slots. 

The same thing happens with a Sea Fishing Rod equipped, and the last 6 Inventory Slots on the Right are affected, blocking Items from being moved up into a Container or Fridge. It forces the player to go through the Sea Fishing Rod Inventory before the player can reach the Container they're're trying to place their Item into. 
The same happens when moving items from the right side slot of containers and fridge down into Inventory, instead of going down into the Inventory, it takes the item into the Sea Fishing Rod and Celestial Crown Inventory. The Left 2 Slots of Containers and Fridge work properly and move the item into Inventory. 

This also ruins the ability to navigate to the Crafting Pages from the Inventory. 

Steps to Reproduce

Play with Controller
Equip Celestial Crown
Open Container or Fridge
Press 'RT' to select inventory
Select an item from Inventory
Try to move the item up to Container through the 5 slots on the right side of Inventory
Item moves into Celestial Crown Inventory Space instead of container
Does not happen when moving items through the Left Side Inventory Slots

User Feedback

There was a Mod uploaded to the Steam Workshop last week called 'Auto Close Enlightened Crown'. It solves this issue. 

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