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[cavespreview] Crash on gnawing tree stump (Woodie Werebeaver)

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I'm hosting a local server with all default settings. Loading in with Woodie, I can do all the normal things, but becoming a werebeaver, if I attempt to gnaw a tree stump, the game crashes (no Lua error screen, it just freezes up, says "not responding", and gives me the option to close). It happens almost as soon as I right-click on the stump, so before the Werebeaver actually approaches it. I reproduced this twice in a row, so it seems pretty reliable. It doesn't crash if I gnaw with the spacebar, or shovel the stumps.

Edit: Tried a few more times and actually couldn't reproduce it... strange. :( Also realized it shouldn't even be right-click to gnaw them (I encountered it first spamming right-click on logs on the ground).

Steps to Reproduce
Make a default world, pick Woodie, chop some tree, try to gnaw a stump (right-click).

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