Caves ignore manually-set special events (Year of the X, Winter's Feast. etc.)

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I wanted to check if it was possible to get presents under the festive trees in caves, so I started up a server with event set to Winter's feast. I could make the tree planter on the surface without issues, but the recipe is unavailable after entering caves, even if the planter is pre-crafted. The same applies to any event-specific structure (tested also with Gobbler Shrine)

I'm fairly certain there was no restriction on crafting/placing during these events, as I have an older world with a legit Gobbler Shrine in the caves.

I also tried adding the specialevent=... setting to overrides for the caves shard and regenerate the world, but that didn't help either. Are caves ignoring this setting entirely, and only allow the event-specific recipes when they are active globally?


Steps to Reproduce
Create a cluster with caves, setting the Events setting to any particular event. Observe if you can craft the specific structure (shrine, or festive tree planter) on the surface. Enter caves, and re-check the crafting menu.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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