[Cavepreview] Mod settings not loaded

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Hi Klein developpers !

An other bug I find is the following:

I make a world with mods in DST cavepreview beta, I configure my mods and I launch the game :

The settings of all mods are not loaded in the game.


[00:00:13]: Failed getting mod details.
[00:00:25]: QueryStats: { "req":"modrank", "field":"Session.Loads.Mods.list", "fieldop":"unwind", "linkpref":"external", "limit": 20}
[00:00:25]: loaded mod_config_data/modconfiguration_workshop-545254188_staging    
[00:00:25]: loaded mod_config_data/modconfiguration_workshop-509723993_staging    
[00:00:26]:    EResult 15, 373991022
[00:00:26]: Failed getting mod details.
[00:00:39]:    EResult 15, 373991022
[00:00:39]: Failed getting mod details.
[00:00:39]: loaded mod_config_data/modconfiguration_workshop-509723993_staging    

If I would play with configured mods I do this way :

Open all modinfo.lua and configure it with text editor

Steps to Reproduce
- Install a mod witch is configurable, change default configuration and make a new world. Your changes are not loaded.

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