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Cave sinkhole remains plugged in official klei server despite rollbacks and world regeneration

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Hi, I recently saw this bug in the klei official Glommer Goop server where all cave sinkholes are plugged. According to other players, it happened after the server crashed, and we attempted to rollback and even decide to regen server. However, we checked and the bug still persisted.

I included the client log and client chat log files, hopefully it helps with the situation.

Images of plugged sinkhole bug and the server name:




Sinkhole bug persisted after the world regen:




Steps to Reproduce
1. Enter Glommer Goop server. 2. See the bug. 3. Attempt rollback and regen votes. 4. Check the sinkhole. 5. Bug is still there after the world regen. 6. Cry and laugh.

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