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Cant make world with Caves

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So with the newest update you dont need a dedicated sever to have caves but whenever i try to make a world with caves it says dedicated sever failed to start when 1. i dont have one and 2. dont need one, this happened before i had any mods and still does (got dont starve togther recently started using mods today) so just reporting this and hopeing for a solution so i can play with caves

Steps to Reproduce
all i did was host a game and enable caves and create the sever upon trying to start a message comes up saying dedicated sever failed to start and this also happens to my friend

User Feedback

Note: this is still an Early Access, so expect constant updates which will most likely break mods.

If it fails to start, exit out of DST and make sure "dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer" is not hung -- that process stalls w/ outdated mods.  You may need to restart DST multiple times while activating mods 1-by-1 to see which mod breaks the current build.

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Me and my friend were jerking around inside of DST and discovered the update broke prettymuch everything, (bad timing, devs) But while in this... we discovered that going in these sinkholes brought us to the TWILIGHT ZONE. BEcause ALL THE CREEPY STUFF HAPPENED HERE. Not to mention the world dupicated, causing a nice boost to those who need a second naturally spawned touchstone or ice freezer.

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