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  1. will overwrite your dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua every time it's called. To fix it: remove the command validate from this line: ./ +force_install_dir "$install_dir" +login anonymous +app_update 343050 validate +quit Klei should remove this file from the steam checker since it's optional.
  2. If you prefer multiple terminal windows: 1. Comment/remove the following in #run_shared+=(-monitor_parent_process $$) #"${run_shared[@]}" -shard Caves | sed 's/^/Caves: /' & #"${run_shared[@]}" -shard Master | sed 's/^/Master: /' 2. Add the following code: osascript <<END tell application "Terminal" do script "cd \"`pwd`\";${run_shared[@]} -shard Master" end tell tell application "Terminal" do script "cd \"`pwd`\";${run_shared[@]} -shard Caves" end tell END You'll now have a separate terminal window for Master & one for Caves. Note: You must manually c_shutdown() all instances since Caves no longer monitors if Master is alive.
  3. Note: this is still an Early Access, so expect constant updates which will most likely break mods. If it fails to start, exit out of DST and make sure "dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer" is not hung -- that process stalls w/ outdated mods. You may need to restart DST multiple times while activating mods 1-by-1 to see which mod breaks the current build.
  4. Figured it out. Adminlist.txt needs to go to the cluster folder instead of being replicated in the server folders. There should've been documentation on file locations & changes.
  5. The latest update won't let another person admin my servers. I've added adminlist.txt to both my Master & Caves save folders. These files have only 1 Klei ID that belongs to another user. Unfortunately, that person CANNOT send console commands to the server. The prompt doesn't show "REMOTE". Spawning, giving items, godmode, etc won't work. One strange thing: If I try to give an item (say, c_give("log",1)) that item drops on the floor where the mouse is but only shows on the client. That item can't be picked up or interacted with.