Can't enter the world(old and new saves included) where caves are activated.

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As issue title described, I can't load my current save because of infinite loading screen and also can't create a new one with the same problem, both old and new saves have caves activated. 

I tried entering worlds with all my mods and without caves and it worked smoothly. I also tried reinstalling the game, opened a vpn and the problem remains.

Could u pls provide some methods so I could check or try again? Or if any further information is needed, pls let me know.



Steps to Reproduce

Can't open current saves.

Tried create a new save with caves, same problem.

Tried create a new save without caves, worked fine.

User Feedback

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12 hours ago, Hornete said:

try disabling your mods.

Thanks for the reply! I tried disabling all my mods and reinstalling the game, still can't open a world or save with caves. Without caves everything(with or without all my mods) worked fine. And I saw a post above mine seemed have the same problem. Idk, It might have something to do with the servers?

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