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Cannot switch off Steam deck controls

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I would like to use my steam deck in kb&m mode for playing with a mouse, and then I should be able to remap the buttons to keyboard commands, but there's no way to do this. The game wont recognize both a controller input and a mouse input at the same time so theres no way at all to play with a mouse and keyboard on the steam deck.



EDIT: This morning, troubleshooting possible options I found that running the Linux version resolves the issue for me, as Keyboard and Mouse becomes the only option. All you have to do is run the Linux runtime in the properties where you can force a specific compatibility layer. 

Steps to Reproduce

Start game on steam deck

Notice you cannot control your mouse

use controller to navigate to settings

under controller settings notice "Steam Deck" is unchangeable.

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User Feedback

yeah im really not happy to see this since i wanted to use the steam deck in desktop mode mostly... and handheld mode on days i wanna travel and play my games.

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