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Cannot create or enter server

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From yesterdays update it's been hell trying to enter a game or create a new world. I was trying for several hours yesterday and few times today, every time I'm informed that there was a problem creating/connecting to a dedicated server and I should try again later - but then again after several tries yesterday it did connect and I have no problem entering that one world, but am unable to enter any other. One save was basically destroyed, it erased everything to day one, the other one I simply cannot open. Every time I try to create new world the same information pops up - that there was a problem with dedicated server. I tried mangling with my connection, but my internet works fine, I have no problems with any other media.

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I am also desperate, but I spoke with my partner and best friend and NONE of us works at all, neither creating nor entering our servers. There is no way to play or enjoy the event like this. I find it an insult that every time they add an event this happens or servers are deleted... I hope I can play as soon as possible. If you find a solution, it would help us ... We had high expectations and are looking forward to this event... 


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