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  1. I have been waiting for days for a solution or fix the problem of playing. I cannot start my worlds, nor can I go to anyone else's, therefore I cannot play. I'm going to miss the event due to bugs again, it already happened to me in the previous one ... When are they going to fix that? I hope it's before the 20th and I have a few days left to play the event... Every event happens the same... I say it around here because in the forums with this problem they never approve my comment, so they will least be able to provide solutions... I love DTS, it is my favorite game, but it exhausts me to fight in each event or lose it for the same thing always...
  2. I am also desperate, but I spoke with my partner and best friend and NONE of us works at all, neither creating nor entering our servers. There is no way to play or enjoy the event like this. I find it an insult that every time they add an event this happens or servers are deleted... I hope I can play as soon as possible. If you find a solution, it would help us ... We had high expectations and are looking forward to this event...