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c_gonext() and teleporting freeze game with chester!

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I open a new bugreport, cause I now know what is causing the bug and I think you won't see it, if I would just add it to comments of old report:
If you have a chester following you and playing as client, teleporting will freeze the game with following in client_log:

[00:02:02]: RakNet detected a missing replica (11592)
[00:02:02]: RakNet detected a missing replica (20992)
[00:02:02]: RakNet detected a missing replica (9986)
[00:02:02]: RakNet detected a missing replica (59698)



Steps to Reproduce
Open a world with cave enabled. enter c_gonext("chester_eyebone") and pick it up. Now c_gonext() to anything you can imagine. For me it often freezes, when I teleport to pighouses. Teleport around ~30 times (but sometimes it also need 200 times...) and the error will appear.

User Feedback

aww.. unfortunately it is not fixed =( it seems to happen less often now, but it still happens...
Got that Raknet error again when porting with Chester and instead of freezing I got a "out of memory" error...


and it is even worse than before now, cause I'm not able to start this world again, as long as I have the soulmates mod active. So I was forced to deactivate soulmates to be able to continue the world.

I found no error in any logfile when trying to open the world with the mod active after this happend ...

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