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C++ crash when a mod uses invalid preview image

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When a mod uses an invalid preview.tex file (tried one with 526x527 pixels) the game will crash when scrolling through mods shortly before reaching the mod with the error message you see in screenshot. When I changed the preview.tex to 128x128 , everything worked fine.

I don't think the game should crash just because of an invalid mod image.



Steps to Reproduce

Create a tex file for a mod preview image with other pixels than 128x128 (maybe different height and width is the problem, not tested) and the game will crash when scrolling through mod list shortly before reaching that mod.

User Feedback

The assertion happens when the device fails to create the texture or runs out of memory. A graphics rule was relaxed in a recent update for non power of two sized textures since the vast majority of graphics cards handle these types of textures fine with their drivers. Could you upload your client_log.txt and DxDiag.txt as well for us to review what hardware you are using? https://support.klei.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029880371-How-can-I-find-my-DxDiag-file

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