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Bulbous Lightbugs sometimes break and abandon you if you relog with them following you.

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Bit of a hard one to explain, but: if you relog with a few lightbugs following you, sometimes one or more of them will decide to go back to its flower for no reason, it'll make a beeline straight to the flower you picked it from at really high speeds while ignoring you. Even worse, if this happens to a homeless lightbug, such as one you took to the surface, then it'll instead fly off to some unknown location in the distance. My guess for that would be 0,0, but I can't tell.

This was on a dedicated server with caves. That might matter since it's an issue related to relogging.

Steps to Reproduce

Get a few bulbous lightbugs to follow you, get far from their flowers or make them homeless, then leave and rejoin the game. One or more of them should proceed to fly off and abandon you.

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