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Bugged hotfix

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When u made the hotfix the game totally crashed for me and to my friends. We cant even play more than 5 mins because when we start a server we just do like move or something and after the game totally crash , EXIT WITHOUT ANY ERROR CODE.... just black screen the *puff* exited the game.

Thats this problem? We tried everything, we tried one by one that maybe someone can create a server but we tried to connect to a random server WITHOUT ANY MODS OR SOMETHING and it did the same thing.

I hope you can help me.



Steps to Reproduce

Open dont starve

host game

entered the game

played with some mods

after 5-10 mins it crashed and exit the whole game WITHOUT any error codes

User Feedback

You all have a bunch of mods enabled in the client_logs.

Try disabling every mod you have installed and verifying the integrity of your game files.

If you have a server_log for when you crash, that'll be helpful too.

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Hey! We just switched off some mods like 5-6 but it did the same thing. (Btw i dont think so it's the error bcs we used to play with 30-40 mods before that patch and nothing bad happened) 

This files do u need now when we had the whole game exited without any error? (i didnt find any "server_log.txt" just this)


tThank u for answer have a good night! 


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