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Bugged DST icon

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My DST is having a problem where the firepit icon with the skin does not appear correctly





Steps to Reproduce

I had just redeemed a skin on Klei Rewards with the game open, I closed it and opened it again and soon after that I opened the world and came across the bug

User Feedback

I had the same thing happen to me as well. After redeeming the Carved Stone Torch, and Stone Kiln from the Klei rewards page. I had my game closed when i redeemed mine. In the new crafting menu UI it shows the wrong symbol for those two skins, as well as when u craft it. When crafted it's invisible while in inventory but when placed down or put in hand you can see the items skin.

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It seems like there is a delay between recieving the items from Klei Rewards website and actually obtaining them in the game. I'd recommend you close the game for ~5 minutes, and when reopening it, wait about 5-10 seconds till the game receives all the data from Klei Servers.

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