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Blowdart Disappearing and Teen Bird Would Not Follow

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I was playing as Wendy, with no mod. Btw, ANR Beta.

When character's wetness is high and blowdarts are slippery, once a stack of blowdarts (of any kind) slips off the hand, only one instead of the remaining number of blowdarts can be found on the ground.   

Another issue is found when raising little tallbird.  It's ok when you disconnect the server when it's still a smallbird; it'll still follow you after you reconnect. However, teenbird won't be following anymore. They become idle.

Steps to Reproduce
To reproduce, you can let the character stand in heavy rain and equip a stack of blowdarts. Wait for the moisture go up. Then attact surrounding mobs. You'll find that when the stack slips off, there is only one dart on the ground. Teen bird problem: hatch a tallbird egg; raise the smallbird till it grows up; now the teen bird still follows; disconnect and reconnect; bird becomes idle.
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