[ Black screen ] game continues - black screen

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game platform: steam pc

hardaware: pentium i7, 16gb ram, 2gb amd radeon

Software: windows 10, radeon drivers updated

description:  got a world with a friend that i didn not played in a while , today both rejoined. i hosted, she joined, then after like 5 minutes i ALT+TAB to see other stuff i was doing in browser, then when i came back : BLACK SCREEN , but i can " move " and " hear the sounds " ,

we where playing LAN, so she and i  saw that i was there moving as i moved in my pc; the thing is that in my PC it was a black screen i could not get back the visualization of the game.

After that i closed the program, then restarted the game, started the game again.

All progress we made was gone ( as i was the server, ando could not " quit " the game ) ;

So we started again where we where before all the " rejoin " stuff. ( dont matters much as we played like 5 mins )

this time we could play without problems . i think i alt tabbed too , but no side-effects this time ( nevertheless im not sure if i alt tabbed :p )

files attached:

- client log: found, and attached.

- mdmp: not found

- dxdiag: done and attached.

hope it helps !


see ya next time :D


Steps to Reproduce
not sure: - got a previos shared game - resume that game - play - alt + tab to browser ( mozilla firefox ) - alt + tab to game - black screen ( hear sounds, see moving on the friend pc )

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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