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Black screen and text inside Moonstorm on Linux

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When I turn map or pause menu on inside a moonstorm, it's just a black screen. The examination quotes are also black. All mods except Too Many Items Plus are disabled. Also I spawned the required structures for event to start at next to spawn (I also spawned them in lunar island on another world but still the error still occurs). OS is Ubuntu 20.10. Sorry for bad quality of the video, OBS record was like 60 seconds per frame.

Steps to Reproduce

1- Be on Linux

2- Start the Moonstorm by spawning the structures

3- Go inside Moonstorm

4- Examine anything / Open map / Pause the game

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User Feedback

I have same issue, wearing astroggles seems to fix the map and pause menu however damage overlay and the player/transmission location arrow is still black

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Astroggles fixed the map, pause menu and examination quotes for me too but Wagstaff's icon and the red screen when you get hit are still black (Also the fade effect is gone. It just gets black when you get hit then it disappears).

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