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Black screen after turning full screen on.

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I know that this issue was present in the first version of Don't starve and that you could resolve it by changing your options manually with the settings.ini in the game files.But,I cant find this settings.ini  in the documents of Don't starve together.Since my screen turns black when I enter the game,I cannot change the options.When I open the game,theres a error message written on the black screen.It ways that ''the frequencies are not supported'' .

Steps to Reproduce
1-Go to setttings and turn on fullscreen.

User Feedback

First things first, please ensure that your graphics card drivers have been updated to the latest version. Same goes with your monitor's drivers. 

Also Don't Starve Together's settings file is located in your documents folder at C:\Users\{User Name}\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client.ini - you can open and edit this using a text editor (line notepad), and save when finished.

Should editing the file not resolve the issue, delete your client.ini file to see if that helps. If the issue persists, please provide us with your DxDiag.txt and client_log.txt files.

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How are we going investigating this problem? This is behaviour I have had for a while on my dual monitor machine. Full screen worked earlier in the together beta, then at some point it would have this black screen, unable to use my machine without restarting it state. Audio would still play but could not close the application or switch to task manager or desktop to shut down. Don't Starve worked fine.

This problem started for me during the beta period back in maybe April. If I tried to use the continually updated environment it had this behaviour. I solved this by deleting local content and applying a steam backup from an install on another machine.

For me this problem was somewhere in the incremental update process.

Hope this is solved for you.

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