Befriended Spiders will sometimes return to dens when player switches shards/server is reset/rolledback

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I experienced a issue recently where some of my spiders mysteriously disappeared upon rollback, or when I was going to the underground where I left 10+ or so befriended spiders, only one remained.


local function DoReturn(inst)
    local home = inst.components.homeseeker ~= nil and inst.components.homeseeker.home or nil
    if home ~= nil and
        home.components.childspawner ~= nil and
        not (inst.components.follower ~= nil and
            inst.components.follower.leader ~= nil) then

local function OnEntitySleep(inst)
    if TheWorld.state.iscaveday then

It looks like spiders go back to their homes when their entity sleeps, there is a leader check, Maybe the leader isn't set in time when the server is reset/player joins in fast enough before this function runs?

Steps to Reproduce

1. Tame spiders
2. Reset/rollback server, or switch shards back and forth
3. Some spiders should "mysteriously" disappear(they go back to their dens)

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