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Beefalo saddle disappears if obedience is less than 10% when switching shards

Pig Princess
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As title says, when obedience of beefalo is less than 10% and it didn't drop saddle yet saddle just despawns from it's back (instead of falling and loosing durability) when player goes from surface to the caves and vice versa. Less than 10% of obedience without saddle drop can happen if one rides beefalo long enough (domestication and buck timer are high enough), when beefalo is busy fighing something, when it's stuck on obstacle and tries to get to the player first, when beefalo sleeps (when beefalo performs other action in general).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Spawn beefalo, beefalo bell, saddle, lightbulbs, 2 fossils and go to the cave entrance, bond beefalo to the bell.

2. Put fossils close together, ensure that beefalo is stuck on it (endlessly runs to the player when player is close to cave entrance; this ensures beefalo not dropping saddle when obedience drops below treshold since it performs other action).

3. Give beefalo 5 lightbulbs, put saddle on it and go to the cave entrance (exit) without entering caves (forest).

4. Wait more than 2 minutes (thit ensures obedience going under 10% when beefalo is hungry).

5. Go to the caves (forest).

6. Notice after loading that there is no saddle on the beef back and no saddle near it. Go to the other shard and find no saddle there either.


2-4.b. Give beefalo 5 lightbulbs, put saddle on it, make beefalo fight something for more than 2 minutes.

5.b. Go to the other shard and notice no saddle.

6.b. Confirm that there is no saddle on the other shard.


2-4.c. Give beefalo 5 lightbulbs, put saddle on it, take a lot of hits/ride enough time without remounting for obedience to drop below 10%, quickly run away from beef after dismounting so it performs other animation that dropping saddle.

5-6.c. Same as in previous cases.


2-4.d. Give beefalo 5 lightbulbs during long night, put saddle on it, wait more that 2 minutes, switch shards.

5-6.d. Same as in previous cases.

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