Beefalo loses speed boost coming up from the cave

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Take beefalo down the cave and up again, sometimes beefalo loses all speed boost, including the buff by the beefalo itself, and by walking cane or road.

Reconnecting seems to fix this issue, but it's really annoying.


Re-login, changing character, reboot the server can't fix this bug. Riding another beefalo can't fix this bug.

Friends in the same server do have speed boost.

Character: Wendy

Can someone fix this soon? It's really not a good experience.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Take the beefalo down the cave

2. The beefalo loses the speed boost in the cave

3. Bring it up and it's still x1.0 speed, even with walking cane and road.

4. The fix only influence me, not anyone else in the same server.


User Feedback


This happens to me aswell, my temporary fix is turning lag compensation off and the permanent one is just spending one use from the saddlehorn to take the saddle off so its speed resets.
From what i can understand its the saddle that's bugged, when i look at the item itself using the beefalo widged mod to display it while im riding its durability isnt shown, and the same thing happens to items with skins stored on my backpack when i go up\down stairs. So i'll just assume it's the same bug and that it'll get patched soon.

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Beefalo don't get a speed boost with canes or roads in DST. Only the glossamer saddle gives the speed boost.

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