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Beefalo Bell AI bug

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Beefalo bonded with a bell will run away at max speed from their owner when you dismount or get bucked off.


This AI bug is so bad that many players are no longer using the bell as intended (to form a better and long lasting connection with a beefalo, a bond some may even call it). Instead, players are just using a bell on a beefalo before changing servers and as soon as they load in they break the bond. This also makes naming your beefalo pointless as they don't retain their name when the bond is broken (which is 99% of the time you use a beefalo with the current AI bug). 


If this is intended (that a bonded beefalo is virtually unusable and that we are supposed to break the bond before using it and simply use the bell to change servers), then please let us know!

Steps to Reproduce

Check original and intended beefalo behavior:

Step 1: Get a beefalo feed it and put a saddle on it.

Step 2: Mount it.

Step 3: Dismount it.

Step 4: Observe how the beefalo does not run away from you. This allows you to feed it or heal it or get back on quickly.


To reproduce the new bugged AI:

Step 1: Get a beefalo, feed it, and put a saddle on it.

Step 2: Use a bell on it (bond with it).

Step 3: Mount it.

Step 4: Dismount.

Step 5: Observe how the beefalo now flees from you. To make matters worse, try to quickly feed it when you dismount, this will cause the beefalo to continuously run away from you while you chase it pleading that it just sits still and let you heal it or give it yummy food.



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