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Beef. domestication + salt licks broken when spelunking

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This has happened at least twice recently (within last 2 months). When all players leave the surface base and go caving, a beefalo left on the surface, near several salt licks, will only deplete one of them, after which it starts quickly losing domestication. This makes it impossible to leave a beefalo unattended for more than 15 days, and often much shorter, depending on the state of the salt lick picked as the one being depleted while the beef is unloaded.

I recall this being mentioned as broken on reddit some time ago - I'm reporting it as I haven't seen a prior report of this issue.

I haven't checked this in unmodded game, as with TMI mod's day skip feature (probably just issuing LongUpdate(...)) none of the salt licks were being depleted.

Attached cluster has only 1 (formerly) domesticated beef, in the dragonfly desert. Look for saddle_war. (It was actually wearing a basic saddle, but that was on its last use). I set snapshots to 15, so ~6 snapshots back the beef is barely domesticated, and a bit further back the salt lick depletion should be observable.

For the time being, I shall be "fixing" the effects of this bug with a console command:



Steps to Reproduce
  1. Domesticate a beefalo
  2. Build 2 salt licks  and leave a beefalo near them
  3. Go to caves.
  4. Return to surface after >15 days



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