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Bee box stops releasing bees in certain conditions

Pig Princess
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If one allows bees to be released from bee box naturally, they produce honey normally (up to 6 honey per beebox), but bee box doesn't release bees upon picking honey (this wasn't the case before).

If one forces bees out of bee boxes with fire staff/fiery pen/torch (in order to speed up honey production) and extinguishes area in any available way (ice flingomatics, pyrokinetics explained, watering can) initially released 4 bees will work normally, but once they return to bee box it won't release any more bees until the start of next day even if there is plenty of daytime left. Moreover, no bees will come if player picks honey from bee boxes.

This significantly decreases rate of honey production since one has to force bees from bee box per every 4 honey instead of per every 6, thus freezing bees with snowballs for longer, moreover, it makes method more expensive for no reason for the same total amount of honey produced if one wishes to use fiery pens + pyrokinetics combo or uses tempering temperatures (to unfreeze bees after extinguishing fire with ice flingomatic).

Not only that, but bees not coming from bee box upon picking honey decreases honey production as well: previously one could pick honey in the morning (forcing 4 bees from beebox to come out at once) and loose their aggro by running away from them, thus speeding up the whole process by performing such trick multiple times per day.

No server mods were used.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Build bee box, plant plenty of flowers nearby.

2. Watch bees working normally, i.e. bee box being able to release new bees after initial ones returned home.

3. Pick honey, notice that no bees are coming to protect their honey.


4. Build ice flingomatics nearby, give yourself torch, fire staff, fiery pen, watering can (and fill it), pyrokinetics explained.

5. Use any combination of tools for igniting and extinguishing bee box. Notice that 4 initially released bees work normally, but after they return home bee box is unable to release new bees for producing more honey.

6. Pick honey, notice that no bees are coming to protect it.

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