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Bearger/Queenhive collision

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Another minor bug, but when the bearger walk into/uses his slam attack on the queenhive it will either play the sound of a structure being destroyed or it will cause the hive to produce the same particle effect as when you destroy a structure (that little burst of smoke).


Steps to Reproduce
Have the bearger walk by the queenhive, since it drops honey this isn't to hard. Alternatively agro the bearger and bait one of his attacks whilst by the hive.

User Feedback

Is the bearger able to attack the queen bee hive?

I have lured the bearger to the hive and he keeps bumping into it and attacked it a few times but nothing happens. I would have thought he would be able to break it down but he cannot seem to do it even after 5-8 times of bumping and attacking it. 

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It isn't capable of causing queen to spawn. the thing is that it plays effects that would be used on a standard structure, (what I meant is that the bearger shouldn't interact with the hive in the way it does) he cannot destroy the hive, but since that's the case it shouldn't trigger effects that act as if he can.

That being said, it isn't incredibly major. 

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