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  1. You dig them up with a shovel to get the sign back, it also stores what was sketched on it.
  2. It isn't capable of causing queen to spawn. the thing is that it plays effects that would be used on a standard structure, (what I meant is that the bearger shouldn't interact with the hive in the way it does) he cannot destroy the hive, but since that's the case it shouldn't trigger effects that act as if he can. That being said, it isn't incredibly major.
  3. Another minor bug, but when the bearger walk into/uses his slam attack on the queenhive it will either play the sound of a structure being destroyed or it will cause the hive to produce the same particle effect as when you destroy a structure (that little burst of smoke).
  4. When the ewelet falls asleep (only when it starts sleeping) it makes a very loud noise which seems similar to when you axe a tree.
  5. Don't know how many disease examination quotes this effects, but it seems that when you exam burning disease riddled objects it displays the regular examination quote.
  6. It isn't a summer thing, I believe this is just part of the "re-balancing" done to it. You can no longer re-gen it with logs, instead you need to use living logs. But now they last 4 uses as opposed to before where they lasted 3.
  7. The shadow knight at level 3 locked up and wouldn't start moving no matter what, regardless of mobs and me hitting it.