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Bearger not spawn

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Just hear the roar all autumn and it didn't spawn I also locked the settings and hear a roar and it's been several years 

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I have lived for 1111 days and now I have this problem Is the solution to create a new world?

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23 minutes ago, rascalboy said:

I did not understand

Okay, I'm gonna give you the steps on how to do it, IF you're playing on PC. 

1. Go on your world, wait for autumn. 

2. Click the ` button on your keyboard, it should be under the esc button. 

3. Type in c_spawn "bearger" 

4. Make sure the text on the left to the box you typed in says "remote". If it says "local" instead, press ctrl button to change it.

5. Bearger will be spawned under your cursor, and he roaring should stop. If it doesn't, I don't know how to help. 

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