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attempt to index field 'isexternallyinsulated' (a nil value)

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I hate to do this, but I have been receiving reports of insulation checks crashing the game.

This seems to be entirely unrelated to Uncompromising Mode, but we are receiving reports about it anyways when people are interacting with some assets that involve electricity.

We are using identical code to how Volt Goats check for insulation. When trying to replicate, we've tried every character, with or without clothing, with or without WX's electric modules, and we can't replicate the issue.

If some nil checks were in place in the function below, this crash presumably wouldn't happen.

function Inventory:IsInsulated() -- from electricity, not temperature
    for k,v in pairs(self.equipslots) do
        if v and v.components.equippable:IsInsulated() then
            return true

    return self.isexternallyinsulated:Get()

We can't find any correlation between us, and the crash, but we are also having a hard time tracking down other mods that may be causing the problem.

I hate to report on a crash that is likely mod related, but I also hate to see people crashing, and attributing it to us.

Steps to Reproduce

I wish I could say, seems to be an issue where the inventory component is returning nil when checking for external insulation modifiers.

User Feedback

Hi, I have the same problem, I don't know if I can help you seeing OUR mods and tell what mods are common between us, I've the same problem when I electrify a goat it's ok, but the time I reach to hit it server crashes and "disconnected server" appears.

I tested out that if I have a raincoat and goat hits me, the game flows normally so, the game crashes only when my character (i'm the host in the server) gets hit by an electricity stuff... I hope we can figure it out, thank you.


PS. I upload my server log, same issue 'isexternallyinsulated' (a nil value)


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