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Attack Key F on PC

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I recently purchased Don't Starve Together on PC and have encountered some technical issues with the attack button. The F key doesn't attack, and binding it to another key doesn't work either. I do have another version of Don't Starve on PS4, and I compared how the attack button functions there to the PC version. You can normally swing an axe, spear, etc. without anything in front you in the console version, and I am unable to do so on the PC version. Force attack (ctrl + F) works on PC but that is only if something is in range, but that is not the intended way to attack, or am I wrong? On console I can just swing an axe or spear by pressing one button, and I can't on PC. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game with no luck. So I'm not sure if this is a bug. Any advice would be helpful, thanks!

Steps to Reproduce

Try to attack with F key and nothing happens. (Can't swing the axe, spear, etc.)

Try rebinding attack to any other key and still nothing happens.

Force attack works, but only if something is in range.


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User Feedback

@krispykrits That's how it is on PC. You can only attack if there's something in range to attack.

While you may not swing in place like in console, you're character will auto-walk to the nearest attack target,

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Thanks for the quick reply, @lakhnish!

I had no idea the attack behavior is completely different for PC versus console. 

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