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Attack Delay still Happening with Text

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Since the UI update I have been receiving a very annoying attack bug. I mentioned it before but it seemed to be a bit over looked. When your character goes to attack if text is over its head it will delay the attack until the speech has finished or is about to start again. This happens over and over again. 

This really makes me not want to attack things and or try to avoid fighting at all cost. I am not sure if this is a supposed to be thing to avoid Kiting patterns but it removes patterns all together. Sometimes your character gets so caught in speech it does not attack for a full 1 - 2 seconds. I have plenty of Vods from my Stream if needed but just figured I would re post it again.

The issue is not 100% with speech but mostly when speech shows up prior to attacking. 

Another bug that recently happened was an issue while using action queue reborn I know this is not related because it is a mod but when you queue up right click gestures for example hitting with a pickaxe your character will stop completely. This could be related not sure.

I hope this issue can be resolved soon I have been dealing with it since the beginning of the UI Release.

Thank you

Steps to Reproduce

Choose Wendy, release abigail go to a bunch of spiders and wait for Wendy to talk. Your character will start to talk to the spiders while attacking and you will see this issue.

For the other issue just install Action Queue reborn 2 and you will see that queuing actions like chopping/picking that require right click no longer work. You must only hold space bar.

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