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Antlion's Structures Give Wortox Souls On Despawn

Swanky Psammead
  • Fixed

I know it's old news at this point that a lot of obscure structures/immobile entities with HP are giving Wortox Souls, but this one is particularly obnoxious for gameplay. Antlion's Sandcastles and Sand Spikes give Wortox souls every time they despawn, which means Wortox cannot avoid becoming soul-overloaded many many times during the fight as Antlion summons and despawns wave after wave of them by the dozens, driving him insane in mere seconds. It's actually pretty funny to watch, when it's not happening to you ^_^

On the plus side, all of Wortox's teammates will be getting their HP automatically topped off to maximum by the relentless overloaded healing.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Play Wortox 2. Fight Antlion 3. Observe her structures overloading him repeatedly as they spawn in and out

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Wanted to report the same issue. Sand pikes and sand castles are not living things,but they are giving you too much souls.

while I was in fight, I droped so many souls and turned insane in few seconds.

Also while I was fighting antlion, I was stun locked for a short time, but atleast I didnt die.

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I was testing and playing with Wortox more today and I found out that he also gets souls from destoying Broken Relics in caves, That needs to be fixed too! :)

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