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Another Walter Visual Bug

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Hey, it's me again... Similar issue as with his arms but this time it's just his hands. When he salutes, his hand appears splayed open and is positioned differently instead of how it's supposed to look. It also seems to happen irregardless of character skin. Example:

Walter wearing Daisy Bracelets:


...VS. him wearing Caroler's Gloves:


I've compiled a list of which items cause his hand to change (anything with a "?" means I'm not sure if they are supposed to be posed differently like that or can even be fixed). They are as follows:

  • Daisy Bracelets
  • Homebody Handrings
  • Woodcarved Hands
  • El Tigre Cub's Mitts
  • Fixer's Gloves
  • Midori Roboto Hands (unsure if this one's incorrect or not, the hand's positioning is different like with Daisy Bracelets)
  • Dainty Fins (same as Daisy Bracelets/Midori Roboto Hands)
  • Deep Sea Claws (?)
  • Candy-Striped Gloves
  • Mad Lab Gloves
  • Straw Tufts (can't tell with this one)
  • Unfinished Robot Hands
  • Vampiric Gloves
  • Hockey Mitts
  • Sugar Rose Gloves
  • Hedgerose Fingers (?)
  • Hollow Hands (?)
  • Oasis Bound Hands
  • Forlorn Doll Sleeves
  • All of the Buckled Gloves
  • All of the Driving Gloves
  • All of the Hand Covers
  • All of the Long Gloves
  • All of the Unprotective Gloves
  • Forest Fawn Paws
  • Grimy Goblin Grapplers
  • Minotaur Mitts
  • Voxola Safety Gloves
  • Giant's Gloves
  • Ultimate Performer's Gloves
  • Fissure's Gloves
  • Furnace Gloves
  • Hot Rod's Driving Gloves
  • Incombustible's Claws (?)
  • Obsidian's Gloves
  • Surtr's Talons
  • Volcanologist's Gloves
  • Welder's Gloves
  • Aristocrat's Fine Gloves
  • Aristocrat's Haughty Sleeves
  • Blacksmith's Gloves
  • Diving Gauntlets
  • Mourning Gloves
  • Physician's Gloves
  • Pugilist's Gloves
  • Schoolboy Cuffs (?)
  • Street Peddler's Gloves
  • Trader's Cuffs
  • Tragedienne Gloves
  • Dryad's Handwraps
  • Fauvist's Gloves
  • Muddy Gardening Gloves
  • Orchardist's Bangles
  • Timber Golem Hands (?)
  • Aged Frost Gloves
  • Hoarfrost Gloves
  • Ice Floe Sapphires
  • Snowchild Gloves
  • Alchemist's Handwraps
  • Battlemaster's Gauntlets
  • Berserker's Hand Paint
  • Brawler's Knucklewraps
  • Cast Iron Fists
  • Duelist's Hand Covers
  • Fiend's Claws (?)
  • Metallurgist's Handwraps
  • Smelter's Gloves
  • Striking Gloves
  • Tuxedo Gloves

Hand/Arms items that make his hand appear normally:

  • Caroler's Gloves
  • Ice Warrior's Bracers
  • Jolly Elf Gloves
  • Winter Warden Wraps
  • Lover's Gloves
  • Phoenix's Arms
  • Pyrestarter's Bracelets
  • Sooty Sweep's Mitts
  • Grove Sentinel Wristbands
  • Coldfire Tufts
  • Fighter's Bracers
  • Forging Bracers
  • Usurper's Handwraps

I think that's everything... Sorry for the long post and I hope it's helpful!

Steps to Reproduce

On the character select screen, choose Walter and equip one of the items in the longer top list and compare it to one from the shorter bottom list to see the difference in how Walter's hand looks.

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