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Animation "swap_one_man_band.zip" missing in game files, can't load saves.

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As of the latest update, I can't start new worlds or resume existing ones because apparently, an animation file called "swap_one_man_band.zip" is missing, no matter how many times I reinstall Don't Starve Together, and its lack of existence is actually causing my saves, new or previously created, to crash upon attempting to load the game assets. This, as you can imagine, makes the game literally impossible to even start playing. I'm actually not on the beta. Fix your game, Klei!!

P.S. Maybe others are having this same issue?

Steps to Reproduce

just boot up literally any save data without swap_one_man_band.zip lol

User Feedback

DST does not have the file swap_one_man_band.zip

From looking at the log, the issue is coming form the "workshop-1436505813 (Lucy for all characters + craftable Lucy)"
please unsubscribe from this mode and then validate your game files via steam

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