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Ancient Key/Caves Issue (PS4)

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So I am playing on PS4, day 630 at the time of writing. My caves are made up of 5 islands, including the Atrium. Ancient Guardian spawned on an island by himself (other than a labyrinth and a bit of grass). Some of the islands are connected by tentapillars but the Ancient Guardian/Key island is not, and it is too far away to use a lazy explorer to breach the gap from that island to another. Am I completely unable to fight Fuel-Weaver? If so, how important is he? I have never fought him before so I don't really know what I'm missing out on. Really don't want to have to start another server after pouring so much effort into this one. Honestly really bummed out right now. As far as I know I have no way of bringing the Ancient Key to the Atrium. 

:( Klei pls halp

Steps to Reproduce

Make caves with always loop and least branching.

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