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All Craft/Creative issues

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Recently I've noticed that now that AllCrafting doesn't take recourses from the player's inventory, crafting in mass has been a bit janky.
Sometimes it'll take items from my inventory, pause a few seconds refusing to let me build, and then return the items. It feels weird and jank, though I can't really provide videos/screenshots of it.

Additionally, transforming from and to Wonkey removes All Craft. Resetting it each time during mod testing with Wonkey gets a bit tedious. (More QOL than anything.)

"Construction Projects"(??) are exempt from the no resource cost, forcing you to obtain/spawn in all the required materials as well.

Steps to Reproduce

Try placing multiple structures with their resources in your inventory. Notice from time to time the crafting will "lag"/wait a bit and return items it took.

Have Allcraft enabled when turning into Wonkey.

Have Allcraft enabled when working on a construction project.

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