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After changing Character no special objects and no unlocked items(science machine)

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Couple days ago, when I logged in then I found everything I've unlocked with science machine is locked again, and I had to make wanted object with science machine again... Included map!

And after I changed my character it happens again, and the new character has no special object within. For example, my Wanda has no any clocks or other things....and the map is also gone, again, I need to receive map from my buddy... 

Don't know how it happened, I remember it happened just after the last time bug fixed update, so it maybe relevent? :(

Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 14.36.33.png

Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 01.13.50.png

Steps to Reproduce

Changing character

User Feedback

Hello or should I say 你好 since you are Chinese (looks like it from screenshots/logs),

There are some mods that removes starting items for characters (I've experienced it myself when was using Finder Redux mod) due to an unknown bug of sort. Basically, you should try and disabling mods one-by-one and see if that fixed the issue.

这个游戏有一些时尚,它们可以删除角色初级东西(我在用Finder Redux的时候有过这个问题)。你需要断开一个一个时尚,检查什么时尚检是问题的引起。

Edit: some Chinese typo changes

EDIT 2: Also logs are saying they are not able to open some of the folders in game installation path (I dislike Apple for that), try changing rights on folders (usually being done by typing chmod command in Terminal, but hell if I know :-/)

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