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AddTaskPreInit does not affect optionaltasks, intended?

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Is it intended that "AddTaskPreInit" does not affect optionaltasks See "level.lua" the function "ChooseTasks", there "ApplyModsToTasks" is executed before the optional tasks are added.

If this is intended, what would be a proper way to mod also the optional tasks?

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see level.lua ChooseTasks function

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I'm using now:

local tasksfile = require("map/tasks")
    thetasks = _G.ArrayUnion(tasksetdata.tasks,tasksetdata.optionaltasks)
    for i,name in ipairs(thetasks) do
        task = tasksfile.GetTaskByName(name)
        if task~=nil then
            -- mod the task ...

is that okay ?
hm, no that is no solution if we need to know the actual chosen_tasks...

The level.lua also has "GetTasksForLevel", but where can we call this before the world is generated?
Or I could "hack" into the ChooseTasks function...

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