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About 300 days, it's crashes

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The Curse of 300 Days

There was a server that used to beat monsters with Wolfgang.

By 339 days, the server had crashed and became inaccessible.

I tried all sorts of methods, but nothing changed.
(Server rollback, Turn off the mods, Reboot computer etc)

Eventually, I gave up this server and decided a new start on the other server.

I started a new adventure with Wendy.

Until 322 days, everything was smooth.

On the 322 day, the game crashed like before

And I've never been able to access the server again...

Steps to Reproduce

i want my server back

User Feedback

could you attach the server logs for that world?

server_log.txt for the Master and Caves servers can be found by clicking on the Manage World button (wrench icon) on the server selection screen and selecting Open World Folder. 

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