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Abigail takes electric damage while she attacks

Pig Princess
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When volt goat is charged, player needs to wear lightning-protecting clothes to avoid being electrocut after every attack player does. Abigail is usually immune to environmental damage, such as fire immunity and inability to be set on fire, freezing damage immunity and inability to be frozen, sand and moonglass spikes damage, immunity to sporecloud damage, inability to be struck by lightning (as far as I can tell). But apparently Abigail takes damage when she attacks charged volt goat, which due to inconsistensy with other environmental damage resistance looks like a bug rather than design feature. I'm not sure about elemental damage taken by Abigail when creature specifically attacks her with elemental powers: Abigail takes damage when ripen saladmander attacks with fire aura, moongleam releases AoE lightning, takes increased damage when hit by charged volt goat, Klaus's deers cast extra fire/ice spell circle for her (even though Abigail doesn't take damage in that case), so this is at least consistent Abigail-mob interaction. The other unclear case is charged glassy rock: Abigail takes damage from it when it shatters, but it's environmental damage, not direct attack of Alter or whatever entity is involved in the whole mysterious energy quest line.

So either mentioned above issue is a bug, or Abigail is immune to all environmental damage but not lightning by design for some reason, and I'm curious which one it is, since I would like to be able to use Abigail for milk farming while I as Wendy tank charged volt goat hits, and to not use spectral cure-all in the process.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Summon Abigail, equip lightning protection.

2. Charge volt goat with any method.

3. Tank volt goat with Abigail helping, receive every single hit from volt goat, but notice that Abigail's health is lowered.

Alternative way:

1. Summon Abigail and rile up her.

2. Charge volt goat with any method, let volt goat aggro on Abigail.

3. Hover mouse over Abigail's health and notice that her health depletes not only when she is being hit, but also when she herself hits charged volt goat.

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