abigail and and befriended spiders

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allied wendy's abigail will attack allied webber's spider minions. Klei please fix.

Steps to Reproduce

- have some webber in your team befriend spider minions

- have wendy player rile abigail up

- bring said minions to abigail

enjoy the massacre

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User Feedback

On 6/28/2021 at 9:11 AM, AmigoInsonia said:

Even if Abigail is not riled up, she will still attack the spiders, which is kind of annoying. Hope they fix it...

Same with spiders from decorated dens. I understand they are not befriended spiders but are actually just neutral spiders, but I feel that Abigail should treat them as if they where just like any other neutral mob (pigmen for example) and will not attack unless riled up, and when riled up only attack spiders that are enemy and neutral, not befriended.

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