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Game crashes whenever I plant seed directly on ground as Wormwood on beta

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I was playing on the beta server as Wormwood(Roseate). Whenever I try to plant seeds directly on the ground (using Wormwood's special ability), the game stops and shuts down. I tried with seeds and carrot seeds and results were the same. 




Steps to Reproduce
Play on beta server as wormwood(Roseate skin) - try to plant seed on ground - game crashes

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


I have the same issue even playing with a friend. This issue occurs when trying to plant a seed on a farm soon after creating a farm (we built an Improved Farm). A few seconds later, we get disconnected from the server. After resuming the world, the game data reverts to a point in time previous to building the farm. 


Other things to mention:

  • Characters we've used were: Wormwood, WX87, and Webber. 
  • Mods Used were: Global Positions, Infinite Tent, MyPet, No More Respawn Penalty, Combined Status, Item Info. 


I don't think these are factors, but the issue started to occur after the most recent update with Wormwood. 

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I have the same issue and it seems the problem is due to the mod called Mypets. As soon as we deactivate the mod everything runs as normal. 

If you check the comments on MyPets mod you will see a couple of people reporting the same problem. You can even see the logs of the crash. 

Let's hope the creator of MyPets updates the mod so we can play with it again. It make having pet's so much meaningful and worth it. 

By the way, you don't need to have Wormwood in the world or even be in the beta mode to have the issue. The problem according to the reports of other persons is related to some new commands created when the Wormwood update was introduced.



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Every time I try to harvest something planted by Wormwood my dedicated server crashes. 

I tried with different characters. Always the same. 

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